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Dr. Kathryne and I both come out of main line traditional churches.  We were Born Again by the Spirit of God over twenty years ago.  Over the years we have worked hard and have been blessed to have earned our Masters of Theology and Doctor of Divinity degrees.

Dr. Kathryne came out of main line Protestantism and me out of Catholicism which gives us a really well rounded background.  I say came out and what I mean by that is; came out of the bondage that is associated with religion.  We teach and believe that the way of the cross is easy.  Jesus said: His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Mat 11:30).

I thank God for all the churches that preach Jesus as Saviour and redeemer.  But remember the Master taught that we must be Born Again.  (John 3:3-10).  I know I was a believer all of my life but until I actually got Born Again I couldn’t see the true light that lights the world.  Jesus said that we couldn’t see or enter in unless we are Born Again.  This is a little bit about the two of us.  The Lord brought us together to start this ministry to teach His people the way of the cross and to make the captive free because He said: you shall know the truth and the truth shall
make you free.  (John 8:32) Yes make you free!

We are available for all kinds of revival meetings and speaking engagements.  We specialize in getting people Born Again and filled with the Holy Ghost.  We are also available for Biker Sundays, a fun filled time for all.  Every church has folks that ride or know someone who rides.  Please take some time to explore this web site and the Motorcycle Ministry site too.  I believe we can be a blessing to you and your congregation. 

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible “with the truth that will make them free.” By the saving knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we strive to get people saved, plug them in to a local church to grow and become pillars in their church community. We specialize in tent revivals, “Biker Sundays,” and teaming with local churches for growth and awareness in their communities